What Is The Difference Between Wart And Mole?

There are different types of skin problems,yet it is moles and warts that people remain preoccupied with.Warts and moles each have their distinctive characteristics and knowing the differences potentially can save your life. At least, knowing the differences can help when choosing removal. difference between wart and moleAlthough warts and moles may appear to be the same they are not related conditions. They are thought to be because they often look alike. Warts are defined as small areas of a long standing viral infection.More often than not moles, are brown or black growths on the skin that can appear isolated or in groups anywhere on the body.The condition is described as areas of the skin that are heavily pigmented with melanin,the substance that is responsible for general skin coloring. Mole Types:

  • Congenital Nevi
  • Dysplatic Nevi
  • Junctional
  • Dermal moles
  • Sebaceous mole

Moles are believed to bring in glamour, prestige and obviously beauty,since they have been referred to as beauty marks. However depending upon their size, shape,color and of course if they are in the right place,then it may be considered a beauty mark.A great example of a famous person with a beauty mark is Marilyn Monroe. MOLES

  • not contagious to others
  • could lead to skin cancer
  • rarely goes away without being surgically removed
  • common areas to appear in men – back and shoulders, women – legs and back

Warts will vary in their appearance,but are not dangerous,however can most definitely become a nuisance. A mole that you have from birth may eventually develop into a malignant melanoma. If this occurs it should be removed by a physician immediately. Some types of warts are as follows.We all probably know about a common wart. These will appear on your hands or feet.The typical common wart is a hard lump that has a roughened ,cauliflower-like surface. Moles can appear anywhere on the body. They are small,roughly circular areas of skin that are much darker than the surrounding skin.The larger moles may have course hairs growing out of them. Some moles are present from birth.In some people a few have developed during their childhood. Look for different changes in your children’s skin to make sure that you always know that they do not need medical attention of any sorts. WARTS

  • contagious,can be transmited to others with direct contact
  • usually do not have hair growth
  • common places to appear on fingers, hands, soles of feet and face
  • caused by Human PapillomaVirus (HPV)

There is also a wart that may be mistaken for a mole that is called molluscum contagiosum (a viral skin infection that causes raised, pearl-like papules or nodules on the skin. These are tiny pale lumps that are filled with cheesy material.It can be confusing because they are not true warts but they are just like warts. These appear in groups that are usually in children,especially children who have eczema.The appearance of a mole is a dark patch that constitutes a mole. A mole may be flat or raised above the surrounding skin.

difference between wart and mole

A filiform type of warts

Sebaceous cysts are sometimes mistaken for warts.A sebaceous cyst typically will appear as a soft,smooth,yellowish lump just under the surface of the skin. Sometimes a tiny dark dot can be seen in the skin over the center of the cyst. Your scalp is the most common site for these harmless growths. Most warts will disappear on their own within a few months but sometimes in rare cases it may be several years. If you are concerned about any spots that have come up on your skin then please do not ever hesitate talking with your doctors about these concerns. Types of Warts

Warts aren’t usually a serious health concern, and most disappear on their own in two years. However, if you find them bothersome, you can remove warts by over-the-counter treatments or by visiting a dermatologist. Salicylic acid is one of the most effective topical treatments available in drug stores, but you may find it necessary to see a dermatologist, especially for plantar warts. Doctors can remove warts by freezing them with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), cutting them off with a knife or laser, or injecting cancer drugs into the wart to kill the virus. If the body’s immunity is not sufficient to prevent regrowth, warts will return no matter how they are removed initially. Read more here

Moles can be pre-cancerous or cancerous. Although most are harmless,however if a mole starts to develop a rough uneven border or shape,bleeds,oozes or is painful have it checked by a dermatologist or your family doctor.This is also true with warts that do not heal after certain treatment ,you should consult with your doctor Regardless whether it is a mole or warts, if you find anything on your skin that seems suspicious, have it checked by a doctor ASAP. Related articles :

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